Hospital Administration

Hospital Administration

Today, modern hospitals have not only doctors and nurses, but also many support staff. In all major hospitals the ratio of medical staff to support staff consisting of doctors and nurses is 60:40. This means that today approximately 40% of the workforce in a hospital is support staff, including management, human resources, patient relations, accounting. , record keeping etc. The success of today’s large hospitals depends largely on the quality and efficiency of the hospital’s specialists, medical and non-clinical staff who work closely with patients, patients and nurses, and doctors and nurses. These jobs in hospitals today are generally divided into the following categories:

Administrative Supervisor
Manager – Management
Customer Relations Officer
Medical Records Supervisor
OP Secretary Assistant
Ward Secretary
Front Office Chief
Health Insurance Chief
Housekeeping Chief
Human Resources Chief
Deputy Chief of Patient Relations Quality Management
> Financial Manager
Accounting Officer
Patient Counselor
Administrative Clerk

This job generally requires candidates with work experience. Very nice and professional. There is no doubt that human skills play an important role in success in this field. In addition to these skills, those who have a hospital management training certificate are in a better situation when looking for a job in many specialized hospitals in our country and the surrounding area. In our country, female graduates with excellent communication skills and good personality can easily be selected for open positions in hospital management. They are well paid and can build a good career in management after working in a multi-specialty hospital for some time. With the huge demand for hospital administrators, good jobs are opening up in hospital management both nationally and internationally.

This is a real working class. That’s why we analyzed non-management clinical positions at the company’s multispecialty hospitals. We then created a special class to teach this type of work. Therefore, it is a short-term, 6-month program that covers all non-medical activities in the hospital. The Diploma and MBA would be a good option for students looking for a fast-paced and focused career in the aviation industry.

Course Presentation and Exam

Given online today. Upon payment of the specified fee, the electronic version of the book will be sent to you, and if desired, the printed copy will be sent to you by cargo. This course is designed so that undergraduate/graduate students can easily study with one arm. Online classes are available every day, Monday through Friday, for 2 hours per day. Students who cannot attend regular online classes can opt for video lessons and study at home whenever they want. All our students will receive great support from our teachers, whom they can reach online or by phone whenever they want. All your complaints, questions and explanations regarding a course will be made online by our teachers.

The exam will be held online and the exam date will be determined and announced by the administration. Certificates are issued only after passing the exam.

Course Structure

1. Term

Managerial Perspective
Health Economics
Patient Care and Health Technology
Hospital Management
Pharmaceutical Terminology, Clinical, Health and Medical Services
Healthcare Management


Health Insurance
Hospital Waste Management
Total Management Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Hospitals
Research and Clinical Information
Project Study

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