Capital Market

The Capital Markets Diploma is a financial qualification for professionals working in the wholesale market.This qualification is the final step of the CISI Capital Markets course and gives individuals the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge of financial markets, bonds, stabilization of funds and financial management.

Is the Capital Markets Diploma for me?

Ideal for professionals in the fields of fundraising and financial management, specialized work in equity analysis, business management, revenue analysis, financial management, financial consulting, financial risk management, investor relations, internal audit and financial performance.

The ideas and skills developed through this qualification will enable the successful candidate to serve colleagues and clients effectively and the candidate will be well prepared for promotion to senior management.

Key Points:

The qualification is specifically designed for doctors looking to move into more senior roles

Candidates have the flexibility to specialize in areas that influence their career choice to be effective in all key areas. from the advantages of the job

The opportunity for local candidates to gain an international qualification at an affordable cost.


• Fundamentals of Capital Markets
• Regulatory Regime in Pakistan’s Capital Markets
• Mechanics of Stock Trading and Broking Business
• Personal E ectiveness and Business Communication
• Mutual Funds Advisory and Distribution Business
• Trading and Valuation of Financial Derivatives
• Fixed Income Securities Trading and Valuatio

Who should attend?

Diploma in Capital Market is ideal is help to build a careers in asset management, treasury and
analysis, fund management, nancial consulting, nancial risk management, investor relations, portfolio
management, venture capital and specialist nancial operations.
It is a unique and comprehensive program to be o ered along with management trainee program by
organizations operating in capital markets.


An applicant must have:
• A bachelor’s degree from any recognized educational institution in any area of study.

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