Business Analytics

Business Analytics

The Diploma in Business Analysis teaches you the fundamentals of accounting, business analysis, computer programming, database design and management.

This certificate is equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree. If you complete the Diploma and meet the requirements, you can proceed directly to the second year of the following degrees without delay as you will receive credit for the Diploma courses: Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Information Technology.

Key Features:

Fast progression to the second year of an undergraduate degree
Get this certificate and prepare to enter the second year of a Macquarie undergraduate degree

In-depth study in your chosen field
What you want Study two courses at a time: Accounting, Business Statistics, Computer Programming, and Database Design and Management.

Improve your academic and academic skills
Do the activities shown to help you improve your academic and scholarly skills.

Enjoy small classes and extra support
Study in small classes and gain personal support and knowledge from our talented teachers.

Course: 2 years full time

Eligibility: Graduate in any subject

Course Content

1. Semester

Introduction to Business Analysis >Business Statistics< br>Business Manager
Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis
Management Concepts and Application


Management Decision Science
Business Analysis Data Analysis
Business Analysis
Financial Markets
Financial Modeling

3. Semester

R Analysis
Multivariate Data Analysis – 1
Management Economics
Time Series Econometrics
Marketing Management
Internship 1 (Mini Project) 

4. Semester

Multivariate Data Analysis – 2
Predictive Modeling Using SAS
Object Oriented Programming – Python/Big Data Analysis
Human Resources Management/Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Internship 2

After completing the course, students will have the opportunity to work as:

Analytical Analyst
Data Analyst/Data Management Analyst< br>Research Analyst
Reporter and Research Consultant
Data Scientist
Predictive Analytics Specialist
Data Visualizer
Business Analytics Consultant
Data Research Writer
Analytics Manager
Predictive Modeling Analyst

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