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             BOSSE 10th/12th Online Admission, Fees, Last Date

Education is constantly changing, and more than ever, flexible and easy-to-access learning choices are becoming popular. The Board of Secondary Education, State of Telangana (BOSSE), recognizes and embraces this new educational trend by providing an amazing chance for students to enroll in BOSSE board class 10th admission and 12th-grade classes online. This blog aims to be your ultimate guide to BOSSE’s online admission process, giving you all the information you need about how to apply, what the fees are, and when the application deadlines are. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of BOSSE 10th/12th online admission!

Understanding BOSSE:

The Board of Secondary Education, State of Telangana (BOSSE), goes beyond being a mere examination entity; it serves as a strong supporter of high-quality education. BOSSE’s dedication to education involves providing comprehensive and innovative learning experiences. This commitment extends to catering to the diverse needs of students in Telangana.

Recognizing that accessibility plays a crucial role in education, BOSSE board class 12th admission has introduced online admissions. This digital approach enables learners to overcome geographical barriers and take charge of their educational journeys at their own pace. Furthermore, BOSSE’s commitment to inclusive education is evident through its provision of fee concessions for marginalized student groups, thereby striving to bridge educational gaps in Telangana.

By implementing online admissions, BOSSE is actively contributing to the creation of an educational landscape that is accessible, adaptable, and, most importantly, student-centered.

Online Admission Process:

Using online admissions demonstrates BOSSE’s dedication to making education accessible and convenient. By offering a digital platform for admissions, the organization has successfully removed numerous obstacles, such as distance and planning difficulties, that students frequently encounter. This advancement enables students, regardless of whether they reside in urban or rural areas, to seize educational prospects without being limited by the need for physical presence.

  • Visit the BOSSE Official Website: Start by visiting the official BOSSE website, where you will find the online admission portal.
  • Choose Your Grade: Select whether you want to apply for 10th (SSC) or 12th (Intermediate) admission.
  • Register: Register on the portal by providing your details, including your name, date of birth, email address, and contact number.
  • Select Subjects: Choose the subjects you want to study for your selected grade. Review the subject codes and gather information about the syllabus.
  • Upload Documents: You will be required to upload necessary documents such as your recent passport-sized photograph and previous educational certificates for verification.
  • Fee Payment: Proceed to the fee payment section. Pay the admission fee using the available payment options, including debit/credit cards, net banking, and other methods.
  • Confirmation: After a successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email and reference number, which is crucial for tracking your admission status.
  • Study Materials: Once your admission is confirmed, BOSSE will dispatch your study materials to your specified address.
  • Begin Your Studies: Start your studies according to the academic calendar provided by BOSSE. You can access course materials online or through printed materials based on your preference.
  • Examination: BOSSE conducts examinations for 10th and 12th-grade students, and you will receive notifications regarding the exam dates and centers.
  • Collect Your Certificate: Upon completing your exams, you can collect your 10th or 12th-grade certificate from BOSSE.

It’s essential to note that BOSSE offers the flexibility to apply for admission at various points throughout the academic year, ensuring that education remains accessible to all.

Support Services for Online Learners:

BOSSE understands that a successful online learning experience is more than just utilizing the digital platform. To foster a well-rounded educational journey, the Board places significant importance on providing robust support services. Students who are registered for online admissions can benefit from a variety of support mechanisms tailored to enhance their learning experience.

Furthermore, BOSSE has established dedicated helplines to ensure that students have prompt access to expert guidance and assistance. These helplines address academic queries and concerns, further strengthening the comprehensive support structure. This reflects BOSSE’s commitment to not only making online learning accessible but also engaging and enriching for every student.

Fee Structure: An Overview 

Understanding the fee structure is crucial when considering BOSSE online admissions. Here is an overview of the fee structure for 10th and 12th-grade students:

  • Admission Fee: The fee amount for each course and grade may vary.
  • Examination Fee: BOSSE charges examination fees for each subject, with varying amounts depending on the subject.
  • Material Fee: The admission fee often includes the cost of study materials.
  • Online Registration Fee: There might be an additional fee for online registration.
  • Late Fee: In case of late submissions beyond the regular deadline, a late fee will be applicable.
  • Other Fees: BOSSE may charge additional fees for services such as duplicate identity cards, migration certificates, or subject changes.
  • Fee Concessions: BOSSE board class 10th fees offer fee concessions for specific student categories, including Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), persons with disabilities (PWD), and more. These concessions aim to ensure inclusive and accessible education for all.

Fee Structure Details 

The BOSSE Admission Fee for the Secondary Course is Rs. 1000 for five years. The program fee for five subjects totals Rs. 6000, and for each additional subject, there is an extra charge of Rs. 1200. For practical Subjects, there is a fee of Rs. 300 per subject, and Rs. 500 is levied as an examination fee for each subject. 

Furthermore, there is an additional fee of Rs. 180 for practical exams. If you choose to opt for Transfer of Credit (TOC), the credit subject fees amount to Rs. 1000 per subject, while part admission fees stand at Rs. 2000 per subject.

In addition to these charges, there are various miscellaneous fees to consider. The cost of the information brochure is Rs. 250, and if you require services such as re-evaluation of answer scripts, change in examination center, re-totaling per subject/course, duplicate marks card, consolidated marks card, or migration certificate, there is a fee of Rs. 500 for each of these purposes.

Last Date for Admission:

If you’re considering applying to BOSSE, keep in mind that they have a flexible admission process. However, it’s important to stay updated on the last dates for admission to steer clear of any pesky late fees or missed chances. Remember, the final date for admission might change annually, so make it a habit to frequently check the official BOSSE board class 10th admission website for the freshest information on admission deadlines.


The Board of Secondary Education, State of Telangana (BOSSE), is proudly leading the way in providing easy and adjustable learning opportunities for 10th and BOSSE board class 12th admission students in Telangana. We have made the online admission process simpler and introduced a transparent fee structure to ensure that education is accessible to all students. You can apply to BOSSE throughout the academic year, making it perfect for a diverse range of learners, whether you’re returning to education, a working professional, or seeking an alternative educational path. Join us on the journey of BOSSE online admissions and open the doors to a brighter and more accessible future through quality education.

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